Baby Beach Paia

Paia, HI

Baby Beach Paia – One of Two “Baby Beaches” on Maui

There are two “baby beaches” on the island of Maui. This one is baby beach Paia, the other one is located in Lahaina’s baby beach. Let’s talk about this baby beach on the north shore, just outside of Paia town.

Given it’s name, it’s obvious that this is a great beach for kids, mainly because there is a big lagoon area that’s protected by a long stretch of reef / rocks. It’s pretty shallow in the lagoon and the big rocks block most of the surf so it’s usually pretty calm.

It’s not just for kids though, it’s actually a pretty big beach, so great for long walks, and lots of shallow water exploring. I used to take my kids here when they were younger to get them some experience diving with their masks.

The views from baby beach are incredible, so it’s a great spot to just post up and soak in the sun and gorgeous views. This is a local family favorite, so while it’s not as crowded as a beach near the resorts, it can still get crowded. The beach itself is big so there’s lots of room to spread out, but parking is more of the issue.

Baby Beach Paia is located in a remote neighborhood, just down the street from the Pai’a Country Club. So similar to Sugar Cove beach, it’s located through a neighborhood, which means parking isn’t great. There is a big red dirt area close to the beach that has parking, but if you don’t get there early you might not find a spot. The only other option is to park alongside the road.

There are also no facilities here, so similar to other north shore beaches, I recommend bringing a big jug of water to wash your feet off before you get back in the car. I personally have a big water-cooler jug in the back of my truck and dump that on kids.

The only other thing I’ll mention is the wind, which can get pretty bad in the afternoon. This is one of those beaches that I recommend going to in the morning, definitely before 12:00 pm.

Other than that, Pa’ia Baby beach is great for families, has that local “hidden” beach vibe, and is definitely off the beaten path where most tourists go.  

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Small red dirt parking lot, parking on the road in the neighborhood