Kanaha Beach Park

Kahului, HI

Kanaha Beach Park Maui – A Kiteboarding & Wind Surfing Dream

Kanaha beach park on Maui is a local hotspot for water sport enthusiasts, specifically kiteboarding and windsurfing. In fact, Kanaha beach is one of the best kiteboarding / windsurfing spots in the world. One of my close friends, who is an awesome kiteboarder, moved here from Utah 20 years ago just to kiteboard.

This is one of those local beaches that not many tourists know about, and is frequented by locals and water sports enthusiasts. But you obviously heard about it if you’re looking for information! Kanaha is located behind the airport so you will see lots of helicopters flying overhead, and you’ll definitely hear planes taking off, but adjacent to the runway so there won’t be planes flying overhead (like you get at Stables beach around the corner).

Kanaha Beach Maui

The beaches stretches over 40 acers, so there is definitely plenty to enjoy even for those who aren’t into water sports. There are two main entrance areas, one towards the middle of the beach and one towards the east. There is a total of 189 parking spots between the two parking lots and there are ADA reserved spaces as well.

Between the two entrances, Kanaha beach park has a total of 13 bbq grills, 23 picnic tables, 3 sand volleyball courts, and 2 restrooms (one at each entrance).

This beach definitely had it all and is a great spot if you want to get away from the busy resorts and experience a more relaxed, local vibe. Having said that, I will say this.. Depending on where you go, there can be some sketchy people hanging out. As you’ll see, it’s a long stretch of beach so there are many different areas to go, but if you stick to the middle and east entrance, where all the facilities are, you should be ok.

Kanaha park

I personally have had a few of my kids birthday parties at the middle entrance (and have attended a lot of my kids friends parties there as well), where we put a bouncy castle in the grass area by the bathrooms, then the kids can play between that and run down to the beach.

It’s a great beach, lots of room, and I do think it’s worth checking out. I would just go there in the morning or mid day, probably not evening or night.

If you want to check out another beach that’s close by, and more private, check out Spreckelsville Beach.  Being  a more private beach, there are no facilities there, but def work a visit!

Directions / Location:

Public Restrooms

2 pavilions, located behind the lifeguard tower


Shore swimming, lifeguard on duty from 8:00am – 5:00pm

Picnic Areas:

There is a total of 13 grills, 23 tables, and centrally located water taps by the beach edge (where the tree line is).

ADA Accessibility:

ADA parking and restrooms are located in Lot #1


There are 4 total parking lots with a combined 189 spaces between the two entrances