Spreckelsville Beach

Kahului / Paia

Spreckelsville Beach Maui – 2 Miles of Beautiful, Low Key Beaches

Spreckelsville beach is actually made up of 5 different beaches spanning over 2 miles. They used to be heavily populated by homeless people, but that’s changed a lot over the last decade or so. The beaches that make up this 2 mile stretch are Baby beach, Sugar Cove beach, Campe One, and Sprecks beach. You can walk between Sprecks beach and Camp One beach, but Sugar Cove and Baby beach are both separate access (too far anyway).

When people talk about Spreckelsville beach, they are usually referring to Specks or Camp One, so that’s mostly what I’ll discuss here.

Camp One is one of my favorite beaches on Maui, bar none. It’s great for families to just chill, especially if you have little kids. For me personally, I paddle board, and I love to fish and this beach provides a perfect spot for those things. I also live close by in Paia town, so it’s a 5 minute drive for me which makes it even more ideal. This beach is located directly at the end of the airport runway, so it can get noisy when planes take off (which is pretty constant). They literally fly right over this beach!

I used to bring my kids here a lot when they were younger (still bring my youngest) because there is a big reef about 15 yards off shore that stretches across the beach, which makes it ideal for younger kids. It’s shallow and protected behind the reef, usually only getting chest deep at the deepest, closer to the reef (I’m 6”ft, chest deep for me).

Here is a pic I took when the tide is a high so you can see inside the reef is still shallow and a good spot to swim with kids

Spreckelsville Beach Maui

It also makes it perfect for fishing, especially during low tide because you can stand on the massive reef and cast off the other side. I fish both inside and outside the reef, and I still regularly go to this beach to fish. And anytime my youngest daughter wants to take a quick dip, we usually come here (or Sugar Cove).

The only downsides to Sprecks and Camp One is that there’s no facilities. So no bathrooms, no showers, no picnic tables, nothing like that. Just a gravel / sandy road entrance and park wherever, not real parking lot structure. It’s a true gem and real local beach vibe. Even if you just stop for a quick walk and watch a few planes take off, it’s definitely worth it.

If you want to read about the other beaches that make up Spreckelsville Beach, you can do so here: Sugar Cove Beach, Baby Beach Paia

Directions / Location:

Public Restrooms

No bathrooms


Shore swimming,

Picnic Areas:

There aren’t any picnic areas, but lots of flat beach to lay down a towel, chairs, and umbrellas

ADA Accessibility:



There is limited parking but it’s all on gravel / sand