Sugar Cove Maui

Paia, HI

Sugar Cove Maui – A Hidden Gem At The Start of Paia

When people talk about Sugar Cove Maui, they are usually referring to Sugar Cove beach. Sugar Cove is actually a small beachfront condo complex where each unit faces the beach.. But the cozy, beautiful stretch of beach is NOT a private beach and is accessible to the public. I routinely take my family to this beach so let me give you a quick run-down.

Sugar Cove beach is about a mile down the road, just outside of Paia town (which is where I live, and one of the reasons we go here a lot) and you have to drive through a neighborhood to get here. This means that its usually not crowded, especially with tourists as most don’t even know it’s here. It is a favorite for local families, but it’s a big stretch of beach so there’s lots of room.

sugar cove maui

The water is pretty sandy so it’s perfect for swimming, as well as boogie boarding as the waves can get pretty good (depending on the swell of course). If the water is nice, which is usually the case in the early morning hours, I’ll do a little paddle boarding as well. It’s not really a great beach to snorkel as there isn’t too much reef, but if you go to the corners of the beach you might see something.

There are usually a few sea turtles here as well, most of the time just laying on the beach chilling in the sun. But you will see them in the water, some will swim right past you so don’t get scared!

There is one entrance to the beach from the road, and as soon as you get to the bottom of the entrance, there is a little rock wall with some trees hanging over (right before the condos) and that is always were we post up. It provides a good amount of shade, and sometimes we’ll put a tent out next to us if the entire family is coming.

This is the only spot on the beach that provides any shade, and if you don’t go early, good chance this spot will be taken, so I would make sure to bring umbrellas.

The one thing this beach lacks is amenities (like most good beaches off the beat & path do). There is no parking lot, you just need to park on either side of the street (which is in a neighborhood) as close as you can to the beach entrance. If it’s busy, you may be parking way up the street and walking! The entrance to the beach is right in front of the Sugar Cove condo entrance. The street ends at the Sugar Cove Maui condo complex, and on the right hand side is the entrance to the beach.

There is also no restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and it’s not ADA accessible. I would bring a jug of water to rinse your feet off before you get back into your car. I keep a water cooler jug in the back of my truck and we just use that to rinse our feet after.  If this is a deal breaker for you, check out Baldwin Beach just down the road, which has all the amenities you need.

Other than not having the amenities you would find in a public beach park, this beach is great if you are looking for a true local vibe and for something that’s not on the beat & path. It’s low key, chill, insane views and beautiful water. Plus, no matter how many times I go there, getting to see sea turtles is awesome. Never gets old!

Directions / Location:

Public Restrooms



Shore swimming, boogie boarding, NO lifeguard on duty

Picnic Areas:


ADA Accessibility:



Parking is limited, park on iether side of the street leading up to Sugar Cove (Pa’ani Pl.)