The Cove Maui

Kihei, HI

The Cove Mau Is Known For 1 Thing – Learning How To Surf

If you are a beginner surfer, or looking to take surf lessons, the Cove Maui is where you’ll be going. The is by far the most well known beginner surf spot on the island, and it’s where most surf schools take their students.

Kihei Cove is at the end of Kalama Park so you have full access to all of those amenities too (which I’ll list below).

The Cove Maui

Just about year round there are small, beginner friendly waves rolling into the Cove, which, obviously, is what makes it such a good place for beginners. You can swim here if you venture just a little to the right, but it tends to be a bit crowded with surfers (because most surf schools teach here).

If you are into paddle boarding, this is a great spot for that as well and it’s easy to cruise out of the Cove and cruise out in front of Kalama Park, where it’s shallow but has lots of reef so you won’t have to worry about people swimming.

When my daughter was 9 years old she did a summer camp through Pacific Whale Foundation, and one of the activities was learning how to surf. Can you guess where they learned? Hahaha, yes it was Kihei Cove and it was perfect for her because it’s not too deep and the waves are small, so she wasn’t intimidated or scared.

As I mentioned before, the Cove Maui is right at the end of Kalama Park, so you have full access to all of those facilities, which in include two pavilions with picnic tables and bbq’s, a set of 5 restrooms, lots of parking (over 280 total spaces), and if your interested they have a skate park.

Check out this amazing drone video of The Cove by Mitch Bergsma. I don’t personally know Mitch, but I do follow him and his work is awesome so definitely check him out!

Directions / Location:

Public Restrooms

5 sets of restrooms at Kalama Park


Light shore swimming, mostly surfing & paddle boarding

Picnic Areas:

In the adjacent park there is two pavilions full of picnic tables and bbq grills

ADA Accessibility:

Partial accessibility


Over 280+ parking spots between 4 lots in the adjacent park (Kalama)